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Proudly a part of the Gumbaynggirr Nation

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Our vision is for a financially independent, prosperous organisation which supports strong cultural identity, the well-being of our community and equal opportunities for all. We manage the land for future generations.

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Proudly a part of the Gumbaynggirr Region

Welcome to Coffs Harbour & District LALC

The Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Council (CH&D LALC) was established under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 as the elected representative for Aboriginal people in the Coffs Harbour area.

The Land Council works for our members and the wider Aboriginal community living in the local area. We assist in matters relating to the areas of housing, legal affairs, employment, training, property acquisition and management and other day-to-day matters involving Aboriginal people in accordance with functions detailed under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act.

The CH&D LALC is entitled to make claims to Crown land not lawfully used or occupied or required for an ‘essential public purpose’, and to purchase private land on the open market.The CH&D LALC is an autonomous body which is governed by a board elected by local Aboriginal community members, every 4 years.

The Land Council can also organise an Elder to perform a Welcome to Country for your next Conference or upcoming event. If you would like a Welcome to Country (WTC) please download the WTC application form, complete the form and return it to our admin email or via our fax number.


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