2021 NAIDOC Theme – Heal Country. Our country longs to be healed. 230 years of being exploited by a capitalists regime of all political persuasions. People who have invaded our country and inflicted so much trauma, not just on the land, but also it’s people. Loss of biodiversity, animals and plants species, dry river systems, poisoned waterways, cultural sites desecrated/destroyed, mismanaged lands contributing to raging wildfire which are compounded by climate change. Humankind truly needs a new way of existence, the future is Indigenous. What does the future hold for our young people, our amazing creatures, plants and ancient wonders? Our lives (Indigenous) have been hijacked by invasion and perpetuated by politicians and capitalist systems today. Things that are the very essence of who we are we’re taken from us and our families, our land, our language and our humanity. Then having to experience the ongoing trauma of seeing our country be dismantled before your eyes. Having to exist a society, you don’t belong in, but in land that you do. If anything I’ve seen this last year, it’s reinforced that nothing can stop money, not the environment, not cultural heritage, not even people. Choosing money over such things is a disease that has spread to the core of government. As humans we’ve lost our sense of humanity and connection with the world around us. We will rise again, Indigenous people will rise again. Mother Nature and land always wins, and those that betray them will meet there demise. It’s not a matter of nature will still be here, but will humans?



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