Applying for a House with Coffs Harbour LALC

Who can apply?

Only members of the Coffs Harbour & District Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) can apply with us for Social Housing.

Are all members eligible?

No; People must be below income levels set by Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) and must not be in Department of Housing property or AHO Property to be eligible for our housing

How Do We Apply?

There is a set form that must be completed and handed back into the LALC. There is set information that must be supplied with the forms and this is set out on the form. Forms can be collected from the front office during opening hours. Usually 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

How long until we can get a house?

Currently the Housing Waiting List with Coffs Harbour LALC is approx. 5-7 years depending on family size.

What if I am on the list and change my address?

It is essential that you keep updating your records with the LALC to ensure you are not removed from the housing waiting list. Changes can happen quickly and if you are not contactable you may be overlooked for another for a house that comes up. We recommend at least an annual update even if you haven’t moved.

Tenant Questions

What does my rent cover?

Rent is calculated on a number of factors and this depends on individual circumstances. This is set out in the housing policy. Copies are available at the LALC office. Usually the rent covers all costs associated with the management of the property and includes such things as Insurance, Council Rates, Short Term and Long Term maintenance and repairs.

I have a problem with something in my home

Your first response should be to contact the LALC if during working hours. After hours if there is an issue you should wait until the next day unless it is an emergency. Should this be the case you have a contact list on the tenancy agreement that you can use to ensure the problem is fixed. However if you call for a problem that is not an emergency out of hours you may be charged for the service by the LALC.

Please refer to what is and isn’t an emergency in the list provided.

My toilet is running, what should I do?

Call immediately! Coffs Harbour City Council will not reimburse the tenant or the LALC for costs associated with leaking toilets. A leaking toilet may cost you up to $50 a day depending on the leak. We will organise a repair as quickly as possible to fix the leak. If you do not contact us it is your cost.

I have a leak behind the sink

Again call immediately. If you do nothing then there is a chance that you may be charged for damage as it can be deemed negligent if you do nothing about it.

I have a blocked toilet!

You should always contact the LALC first if during hours. Out of hours it is advisable to call the Coffs Harbour City Council first to ensure it is not their problem. They will send someone out to inspect and if it is not their issue they will advise and you can call a plumber.

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