Proud Gumbaynggirr & Bundjalung woman, Desley Flander is currently the Acting Property Manager for the Coffs Harbour and District LALC.


Who ya Mob and Where ya from?

I am Gumbaynggirr on my father’s side (Flanders/Kelly) and Bundjalung on my mother’s side (Wilson/Daley).


Tell us abit about yourself?

I love gardening, I like plants that have unusual coloured leaves and flowers. I’ve also started growing my own herbs and vegetables. I love the beach and I also love fresh water.


What are you most excited about, whilst working at Coffs Harbour LALC?

I’m excited about working for the LALC because it’s my community, I’m furthering my knowledge that will enable me to work better for the community, I love working in Housing because until you see what it involves to house our Member’s and maintain the properties you don’t really get an understanding. I often find myself thanking the Elders that are no longer here, for what they fought for, to get some of the land back.


To get in contact with Desley Flanders:

Phone: (02) 6652 8740

Mobile: 0499 100 834


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