The Coffs Harbour City Council (CHCC) carried out an Online Survey in November 2019 for the “Grace Roberts Community Development Awards”.
In this survey there was a question asking should the name of the Grace Roberts Community Development Awards have a name change.
It was announced on Friday 14th August via email from Yandaarra Committee (CHCC) that the name will be changed to the “Yandaarra Aboriginal Community Awards”.
It has been stated by the committee that 46.34% of the Survey and Consultations were in favour of the decision. 29.27% not in support and 24.39% other. Evidence hasn’t been provided.
This Awards Night has been called the “Grace Roberts Community Development Awards” for 20 Years and the CHCC would now like to change it.
The Coffs Harbour and District LALC Governance Board are advocating for a more comprehensive engagement and feedback process.

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