Giinagay! – See flyer.
  • We are hoping that you will organise group/ staff/ elders/ community, being COVID-19 safe of course, to get together to watch the ‘OUR KIDS’ short film and yarn about it afterwards.
  • This film is a must see for Indigenous Australians, and for anybody legal or non-legal or if you work with Indigenous Australians!
  • This webinar has been organised especially for Indigenous groups to join together to share and learn with yarning afterwards with Judge Sexton and Rick Welsh. The role of Uncle Paul in the ‘OUR KIDS’ film is based on Rick.
  • Rick is a Project Officer at the School of Science and Health at Western Sydney University, is the coordinator of ‘The Shed’ – a drop-in and referral centre in Western Sydney and has been presented the 2017 Aboriginal Justice Award from the NSW Law Foundation.
To register for the webinar go to link (please register everyone who attends to watch the webinar):

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